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 GloWorksArt is artist's made works, art events, art/writing workshops and art education development consultant services.

 Artist's (US and international) works available here for sale, at reasonable prices. You can also order unique Pop-Up Cards birthday/grad./birth, Pop -Up Invitations/Announcements  (made from recycled materials) for all your occasions.                      Go to "GloWorks Gallery" to view items and more...

VIDEO  1:51 min....Before you give a GloWorksArt  Pop-Up Birthday/available in English, Dutch, and Spanish languages

GloWorksArt  Development, coordination, promotion of events including; art/poetry workshops, collaborative and public art projects, poetry readings, music performances, and exhibitions...

PHOTO          Pop-Up card/book workshops

...panel discussions, artist/poet lectures, and professional development workshops.

PHOTO BELOW  Makin' It : Artists Working Now  a panel/discussion on individual artists resources, collaboration, and artists groups, with arts workshop held the following wee. Events co-organized and co-led workshops by gloworksart at The Gallery, Adam Clayton Powell Jr., State Office Building, Harlem, NYC

panelists: (L-R) Don Palmer, Exec. Dir. Individual Artist grants NY State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), Latasha N. Nevada-Diggs, writer, sound artist, independent curator and Harlemite, Alice Mizrachi, artist and Dir. YOUNITY an international collective of female artists, Toofly, artist and co-founder of YOUNITY, Helene Ruiz, artist, curator, and founder of The Urban Individualist an international independent artists group


 PHOTO ABOVE audience (holding in hands, complimentary vinyl covered note pads which you can see they put to use, from Materials for the Arts, distributed as they entered event...) and panelists continue discussions at end of  "Makin' It" panel/discussion co-organized by gloworksart at Adam Clayton Powell Jr., State Office Building, Harlem NY

GloWorksArt also creates opportunities for, and brings together national and international artists, poets, musicians, and performers in public forums. Collaborating in organizing events and projects with independent arts groups, arts organizations, educational institutes, and alternative spaces for the public. 



to purchase artist's works/services and inquiries 
 art consultant services include:
- visual arts workshops, exhibitions
- poetry workshop/event or music events
- short or long term art/writing projects for students/parents
  (7 years old through adult)
 - teachers workshops
- other arts activities

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